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National IES Events:

February 7th — Light, Art, and Biophilia—Greektown Hotel-Casino, Detroit, MI

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Please join the IES Detroit Section for our February Meeting! This meeting will feature Maja Petrić.

As an artist, Maja uses various tools to transform the poetic experience of spaces into environments that evoke the sublimity of nature. Over the years, she has discovered that light is the most potent tool to do that, especially light that evokes human connection with nature. Evolution of her creative practice has led her to the evidence-based research that investigates both individual and complimentary health benefits of light, art, and biophilia (nature inspired design). This presentation will provide an overview of Maja's creative research and demonstrate implementation of research results in immersive light art.

About the Presenter: Maja Petrić works at the crossroads of art, technology, and science to create immersive spaces. On this topic, she holds a Ph.D. and Masters. During her studies, she realized that light is a potent tool to shape visceral experience of a space. Since there was no recorded body of knowledge on this subject, she focused her independent research on learning about light as an artistic tool. Maja used her findings to write a book on the history of light in art and to design the first-ever master degree program on light art, offered by European Institute for Design. Her light art has been exhibited and commissioned worldwide. Maja has been nominated for FastCo. Innovation by Design Awards 2016, The International Light Art Award, and received numerous international awards including Richard Kelly Light Art Award, Thunen Light Art Award, and Croatian National Award for Science and Technological Development.

Learning Objectives

- Recognize potential of lighting as a creative tool.

- Identify and analyze effects of light, art, and biophilia.

- Evoke human connection with nature through use of lighting and art.

- Learn innovative methodologies in modulating lighting based on personal needs.


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5:00-5:30pm -      Gather and Network

5:30-6:30pm -      Buffet Dinner *There will be a vegetarian and vegan options on the buffet.

6:30-8:30pm -      Presentation: Art, Light & Biophilia

Meeting fees:

$10 for Students

$15 for Emerging Professional IES Members

$25 for IES Members

$35 for Non-Members

For discounted fees, please provide Student ID or proof of Association Membership at the door.


Meeting Location Details: Our event will be held in the meeting and ballrooms space at the Greektown Hotel. The space is located on the 5th floor. Parking for this meeting is free in the Greektown Garage.